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jim O'Brien
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Hello to All!

My name is Jim O'Brien and I live in the US in Alabama. I have a Superformance 289 Slab side that was finished about 3 years ago. I'm very interested in authenticity and that is how I found your group. Thanks for allowing me to participate from across the pond! 


Dale Bowman
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Hi Jim,

Welcome to the register. You'll get lots of advice and friendly help here (should you need it).



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Lee Marshall
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Hello Jim

A very warm welcome to the group!  We have access to some great experience and expertise on the forum and we do have a 289 originality guru who I am sure will be along shortly...


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David Beck
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Hi Jim,

Welcome aboard, sadly I am not the Guru Lee refers to as you will no doubt tell from my 101 questions...



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