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Croft Race and Retro weekend

Dale Bowman
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What a great weekend (helped massively by Mr Sun). The show itself was a success and the evenings even better. Good fun, good food and good company.

Hopefully someone that took photos will post up.

A small apology to all having not said a proper goodbye on curry night.

Hope everyone got home ok without any 'events' along the way.

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Paul Blore
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Nice picture Dale. 👍🏻

A shame we didn’t have a chance to say thank you and goodbye properly. 💋😉


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Barry Jones
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Hi all, a great weekend, good weather, great company, what more could anyone want. Mum want's to go again. And here are some pic's.

Thanks go to Paul for convincing the organisers to let my car on the stand, and to Tony for the Sunday passes and track pass. Hope you all had a good trip home.