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'Dark' and White road trip

Dale Bowman
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Arrived home safely no issues with anymore oil loss (phew). Big thanks to Paul for helping me try and find Oil and the two Daves' for lending me theirs.

As already said by all, had a great time (even with my learner navigator). Once again huge thank you and kisses to the Becks (kisses are for Dave 😘 ) for a great and well organised weekend.

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Colin Newbold
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Glad to read that Dale, good job!

Nicky and I echo your sentiments for the road trip organisers, we really enjoyed the mix of interesting roads and visitor attractions...just the right balance Dave and Jo - fantastic.

I worked in Leek for 2 years...that was 44 years ago!  It was weird going back (almost to Leek) yesterday, some of those hills were my courting grounds😉.  

See most of you at Paul & Selina's in a few weeks, the rest at Silverstone.


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Paul Blore
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What a great weekend. The roads and the road book were excellent and Selina and I we able to follow the route without a single wrong turn for the entire weekend. 👍🏻

The destinations were really interesting and very well organised and the hotel was excellent.

For our inaugural Road Trip, the bar has been set very high by Jo & Dave, but I have no doubts that Sarah & Peter will rise to the challenge.

Many thanks and congratulations on a very successful event to Jo & Dave.


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